Avoid Buying Animal Fur Coats

When it comes to winter coats and ladies, the instantaneous light bulb that illuminates the brain of these ladies are animal furs. It’s not just commercialized animal furs they are looking for but more exquisite ones like minx, beaver, chinchilla, possums, coyotes, beavers, fox, and otters etc…

However, the cruelty that underlies the processing and manufacturing of such prized coats is just inhumane. The animals that contribute their ‘skin’ towards us do not just endure an instant death but a slow and painful death. Forget about giving lethal injections or old age death, there is no such thing in the unscrupulous industry of superficiality.

Animals such as minx and otters are clubbed to death by both grabbing their bodies and smashing their heads on the ground or by levitating a huge rock above the head of the animals and then dropping it down. Baby seals too are not spared from this cruelty as they are clubbed to death during the annual traditional Inuit hunt.

Often these animals do not die instantly as they are still semi conscious after being struck. Though they might appear to bleed and look motionless, they are still able to comprehend the events that are happening to them. They can still feel the pain that envelopes the part where they were injured.

If you put yourself into the shoes of these animals (metaphor), imagine the pain you would have to endure when ‘aliens’ try to harvest your hair for instance. So the question remains, should one buy ladies winter coats based on animal furs? Yes the warmth and insulation that it provides are undeniably comforting but the energy of pain and suffering that is trapped in that piece of garment that your proudly flaunt is just sick and inhumane.

So the next time you are tempted to buy a winter coat made from animals furs, think first before you make the purchase. This is because the only way to end the harvest for animal furs is when the consumers stop buying. As PETA preaches, “The Killing Stops, When The Buying Stops.”