Complete Guide to Computer Animator Job Duties

An animator is a person who creates motion graphics using 2D, 3D, or computer animated artwork. Animators might work with a number of different mediums in a number of different fields, and an animator job description will differ based on what industry is concerned. There has lately been an increase in demand for animation and therefore, the skills of animators are greatly sought after.

The film industry is increasingly turning to the art of animation to create dynamic and crowd pleasing movies. It used to be the case that animation was exclusive to children’s movies. This is no longer true. It also used to be the case that animation would not be used in live-action films. This is also a very outdated idea. Though animation has been incorporated into films almost as long as the film industry has existed, people have generally separated live-action and animation in their minds. However, we have lately seen that animation has become increasingly more mainstream as the tools for creating quality animations have improved.

Animators are asked to incorporate different techniques to meet the needs of filmmakers. Recently, 3D animation has exploded as a movie-making technique and more and more production companies will be hiring animators to help covert 2D footage into high quality 3D films.

Additionally, many animators find a good amount of work in television. TV commercials often use animation to make their ads more dynamic. Animators are often hired to create short animations, logos, and other features for TV commercials. Animators are also called to work for TV shows, news broadcasters, and TV movies, all of which can often rely heavily on the assistance of an animator.

The video game industry is currently undergoing a period of rapid expansion. Many new games are being created, and each often requires teams of animators to bring the games to life. Many new technologies are being incorporated to the way animation is done so that games have a more realistic and lifelike quality. For example, the system known as motion capture involves tracking the movements of actual people so that they can be mimicked by the game’s characters. This makes every movement in the game more accurate and realistic. Game companies are looking for animators who can utilize these new tools to create compelling and stunning graphics for their customers.

The internet has also opened up as a huge new market for animators. Animators are now being hired by companies with online presences to create animations for their websites. Advertising companies are also using the internet as a new way to attract potential customers. In order to make their ads more eye-catching, they will often work with animators. New companies and organizations are creating websites every day, and they are looking for animators to consult in order to make their web design look more appealing.

Many animators have found success in creating their own websites where they can display their work. These sites are sometimes created just for fun, but they can also be used as great marketing tools. By using their websites as portfolios, animators have been able to work successfully as freelancers, creating content for a host of clients.